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Jon Snodgrass - The Carpet Thief
Released October 7th, 2016
1. 1-2-3-4, won't go down to the basement no more.
2. Perfect Match
3. 1-2-3-4 (demo)
4. Perfect Match (demo)

"I wrote the first song the day we lost our friend Brandon Carlisle. Recorded at The Blasting Room, Jason Livermore & Chris Beeble were the engineers & rhythm section.
"Perfect Match" was written for Vinnie Fiorello's "Perfect Teeth" comic. I recorded the demo on my phone & sent to Stephen Egerton. He cut the music, sent it back & I did the vocals in Brandon's basement." -Jon

Jon Snodgrass - The Carpet Thief

Drag The River - Self Titled
Released 2013
Drag The River's self titled album 'Drag The River' available as digital download and 12" black vinyl

Self Titled

Drag The River - Hobo's Demos $5
Released 2000
About 27 songs were recorded in these sessions. Tracked in 1996 & 1997, before the band had a name or thoughts of actually being a band. Just songs with friends. Some folks think it's the best and some don't. Recorded by Jason Livermore and many guest engineers at The Blasting Room. Jon Snodgrass & Chad Price with Chad Rex, Paul Rucker, Jason Magierowski, Trevor Lanigan of "Wretch Like Me", Ed from "Shades Apart", Bill Stevenson, Jason Livermore, Bug Phace & Zach Boddicker.

Hobo's Demos

Drag The River - Closed $8
Released 2002
Most people say this is their favorite 'Drag the River' record. It is in fact the 1st real studio record. It was recorded in 2001 with Jason Livermore at the Blasting Room. Originally released on Upland/O&O Records. Repressed on cd and vinyl with Suburban Home Records.


Drag The River - Live at the Starlight $5
Released 2002
This is a Real LIVE Record, recorded on Friday July 11th 2001. It released a couple months after "Closed" on Mars Motors, went through a couple pressings and was re-pressed one more time on Suburban Home Records. That version came with a bonus "At the Green Door" disk which was originally a Menace to Sobriety L.P. We actually gave this away online years ago after we'd heard of folks paying upwards of $80 for it on Ebay. That didn't seem right. Well, here it is. People like it, it's over a decade old and was Jason Livermore's 400th mix. Enjoy.

Live at the Starlight

Drag The River - Chicken Demos $5
Released 2004
10 more of the original 27 songs from the "Hobo's Demos" sessions. The same players as before, as well as April from "Vena Cava", Mike & Lori Wing. The "Leghorn" song was tracked in J.J.'s basement. Some of these songs ended up as ALL &/OR Armchair Martian songs and one song was stolen from Leghorn, and one actually is an out take from "Closed"

Chicken Demos

Drag The River - hey Buddies... $5
Released 2004
originally pressed 500 copies for Red Sand in San Diego. Then repressed 2000 more for Mars Motors. A bunch were stolen in Green Bay. It's very rare. The green one (red sand) is very, very rare. Songs were recorded by Ron Steele at "i dig music" in Chicago, Chris Pierce in New Brunswick N.J. at "technical ecstasy", Andrew Berlin at the ''Blasting Room'' in Ft. Collins and in Jon's garage.

hey, Buddies

Drag The River - Its Crazy $5
Released 2006
This record is arguably Drag the River's 2nd best record. Recorded in Jon's garage, the Blasting Room in Ft. Collins and the Hideaway, hidden away in the mountains of Colorado. The cd & vinyl are now out of print.

Its Crazy

Drag The River - gabba gabba hey, buddies - side 2 $5
Released 2007
This has never been in digital form or existed in the matrix before now. This is Side 2 of "hey buddies..." in the L.P. format. Released by DeRok records in Albuquerque, NM Only 500 were ever pressed. The art is silly. Enjoy.


Drag The River - You Can't Live This Way $8
Released 2008
This record was recorded by Marc Bening at The Hideaway in Colorado and mixed by Jason Livermore at the Blasting Room. It's a good one. We spent two weeks on it.

Drag The River - You Can't Live This Way

Drag The River - Fishing Songs $2
Released 2009
These are songs that Jon & Chad recorded for their friend's fishing show and bamboo rod shop.

Fishing Songs

Drag The River - Primer $1
Released 2009
This was a primer C.D. the band and "Blow Gold/Viva Hate" records of Berlin Germany made for the first trip to Europe. 20 songs selected from all the releases at the time. Plus a Thin Lizzy cover recorded at Longfellow's Wedding with Jason Livermore on drums.


Drag The River - Bad At Breaking Up $8
Released 2009
Includes several 7 inches, outtakes, Dents covers, alt versions etc. 20 songs. It's a good one to have, to start or end cap your collection.

Bad At Breaking Up
Jon Snodgrass - Visitors Band $8
Released on February 24, 2009

Jon Snodgrass - Visitors Band

Chad Price - Smile Sweet Face $8
Released on October 20, 2009

Chad Price - Smile Sweet Face

Drag The River - Split 7" $2
Released 2009
These are our songs from a split 7" we did with Chris Wollard & the Ship Thieves for a European Tour a couple years ago. It was released on Hometown Caravan Records, in Dresden Germany. "Maroon" is a song of ours and "No Exception" is a Ship Thieves cover. Check out their band. They have a new record out soon too. It' great, as well as their last one on No Idea Records.

Drag The River - Split 7 with Ship Thieves

2010 Demons $5
Released 2010
10 of 25 demos recorded in 2010 for the next studio album. Hometown Caravan in Dresden Germany pressed 500 pieces of 12 in vinyl. And Blow Gold/Viva Hate in Berlin pressed it to cd for the last DTR Europe Tour.

2010 Demons